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● 7 inch 3G-SDI LCD Monitor
● Application for Full HD Video Camera in CCTV Monitoring and Making Movies
● 800 x 480 resolution, support Full HD 1080P
● LED backlight / 450cd/m2 brightness
● 5D Camera Mode (No black screen when taking video)
● Aspect Ratio Guide (Full Screen,16:9,4:3)
● Check Field (Mono,Red,Green,Blue)
● Color Temp / RGB Adjustable
● Screen Maker / Center Maker
● Speaker Build-in 
● Plastic Sunshade (removable)



● 7 inch 3G-SDI LCD Monitor
● Application for Full HD Video Camera in CCTV Monitoring and Making Movies
● 800 x 480 resolution, support Full HD 1080P
● LED backlight / 450cd/m2 brightness
● 5D Camera Mode (No black screen when taking video)
● Aspect Ratio Guide (Full Screen,16:9,4:3)
● Check Field (Mono,Red,Green,Blue)
● Color Temp / RGB Adjustable
● Screen Marker / Center Marker
● Speaker Build-in
● Plastic Sunshade (removable)
● 5 kinds DV Battery Plate Support
    1) NXLP-E6 Type  (Canon 5D)
    2) NXEN-EL15 Type (Nikon “D800” Type series)
    3) NXF970 Type (Sony F970 series)
    4) NXQM91D Type (Sony QM91D series)
    5) NXDU21 Type (Panasonic DU21 series)
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